Pre-production boats to be on display at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show!

Hello everyone!

It has been a very busy few weeks since we launched the F101.


We have been trying to get out sailing the F101 as much as we can, and after a few sessions in Brightlingsea, we moved the prototype down to the Pro-Vela base in Mar Menor, Spain so that we could enjoy warmer weather and more reliable breeze. We have now been down in Spain for 2 sessions, one with the principle builders, designer and suppliers, and a second session where we were able to get 2 full days sailing in and move forward plenty of our development plans. We will be back in Spain in early January for another round.


In terms of development, we will now try a new design code zero, we will try some different stiffness masts, plenty of work on different foils and control mechanisms, a 2nd version of the tramps and some new layouts of deck fittings. At the same time the Design team are finalising the foil designs and locking mechanisms, so that we can get the tooling built, and finalising the design of the compression struts and their components.

Pre-production boats!

We will now build two pre-production boats which will become the final test bed boats prior to the F101 going into full production with a target date of early Summer 2017. The plan is for these two pre-production boats to be on display at the RYA Dinghy Exhibition on 4th-5th March. 

In terms of Marketing and Sales, there has been enormous interest from all around the world, the response has been incredible and we are very confident that the F101 will make a major impact during 2017. We are talking to various organisations and people about becoming dealers, and a number of individuals have already booked build slots. For anybody interested in booking a build slot, or wanting to talk to us about representing us please contact us at We are finalising all the component costs now, and we should be able to publish the price of F101 during January 2017.

“Wishing you all a great Xmas, and looking forward to an exciting new Year!” 

Alan and Jerry