The Tribe

What is the F101 tribe?

The Tribe is a global community of F101 sailors. We are attracting interest and buyers from all four corners of the globe. As a result, the Tribe has been set up to create a modern, innovative platform for F101 sailors to interact, share their experiences, and swap stories and images as they embark upon their journey in sailing their F101. Good communication and a common desire to make all aspects of foiling a fun and shared experience will form the ethos of the Tribe, and don’t be surprised if it is very different from any other class association you have been part of!

“The F101 Tribe is a unique group of sailors looking to challenge themselves and try something new!”

Ethos and Benefits of the Tribe

  • Members will be added to our F101 Tribe Whatsapp and Facebook groups to:
    • Share videos, photos and top speeds
    • Ask for tips, advice and best practices from the Tribe
    • Get online video and coaching analysis by Tribe members and Tribal Elders through a unique F101 channel.
    • Prizes from Foiling World in return for best Tribe posts and photos
    • Exclusive invites to Tribal Raids and offers on F101 gear


“It’s easy to sail and we had perfect conditions today, I like the boat a lot!”

— Martijn, F101 Tribe Member

To become an F101 Tribe member, you need to own an F101. Once a part of our group, you will be involved in all the behind-the-scenes action where we chat through the fastest times, things we’re learning, events and more!