The F101 is available with three different sail combinations. All versions are Ready to Sail and include the following:

  • Epoxy Carbon hull platform 
  • Carbon beams
  • Trampolines
  • Selden Carbon fibre 2-piece mast with all standing and running rigging
  • Aluminum boom and gnav assembly
  • Hyde Sails Mainsail, including Sail bags
  • 2-piece Epoxy Carbon Main foil 
  • 2-piece Epoxy Carbon Rudder T foil
  • Adjustable Custom cast rudder stock with Carbon tiller and extension
  • Full deck gear package, including all blocks and running rigging
  • Alloy launching trolley
  • Polycotton top cover
  • Main and rudder foil cover set


Standard F101 with Code Zero £22,500 inc VAT $32,000 $24,700
Standard F101 with Blade Jib £23,400 inc VAT $33,500 $25,400
Standard F101 with Blade Jib & Code Zero £24,000 inc VAT $36,000 $25,800
Invisible bow seam option £500 $725 $600

*Prices are in the currency of each country.  All prices are F.O.B, Brightlingsea, UK, Sherbrooke, Quebec or Newport, Vermont. All taxes, duties and customs fees are included.


The Sailmon Max

This state of the art device is a “must have” for getting the best out of your F101. It measures all the parameters to guide you on your foiling journey and goes way beyond the max speed function of inferior data collection devices. Combined with our mast head wind indicator, you have more information to download analyse and share with other F101 users. £800 (inc VAT)

Mast Head Wind Indicator

Connected into the Max via blue tooth this will allow you to check your performance parameters and really work on upping your game!

£450 (inc VAT)

F101 Camera Bracket

Includes new rudder pin, carbon tube, universal camera mount and tension lines. A must have for after sailing analysis and essential for recording on-board shots from the perfect angle.

£96 (inc VAT)

Spinlock Rig Sense

The accurate way to set up your rig tension. An essential piece of kit to help keep the rig in its designed working range and its readings are used as a reference point in the build manual.

£120 (inc VAT)

Quick adjust lower verniers.

The lower shrouds control the power in the F101. With this accessory, you can drop off lower tension to de-power while on the water without the risk of dropping and losing a pin.

£90 (inc VAT)